Casas en la zona

Dream beaches

When it comes to mind refers to Cuba heavenly white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. And of course, that's what you find when you get there. Since the range of beaches is overwhelming for the few days that usually go on the island, if yesterday we presented the best hotels in Cuba today do with their 5 best beaches, or at least those with more charm.

First, on the north coast of the island and west of the mouth of the river Guanabo find the village of the same name. Guanabo, in the municipality of Guanabacoa, Havana province. It is located where the first of the best beaches in Cuba, Playa Guanabo. Not so much for its fine sand and crystal-clear water, but by the surrounding environment. The municipality where it is located is a fishing village that still retains the essence of the deeper Cuba. It is for this reason that close to it and taste firsthand the characteristic flavor of the country, is always worthwhile. Suffice it to say that Cubans themselves spend summer.

The next notable for its historicity. This is Playa Girón, the landing place of the Bay of Pigs. It happened that in 1961 she landed in 1500 on orders from Cuban exiles American army to fight the regime of Fidel Castro. The battle ended with the Cuban victory. If only for that reason, should tread the same sand 47 years ago witnessed this historic event.

Following historical milestones we reached Playa El Pilar boat named after the writer Hemingway. This came to spend the summer on his boat The cornerstone to this remote beach located in the province of Ciego de Avila. It is situated in one of the countless remote islands, flames cays dotting the Old Bahama Channel.

South of the island, in the municipality of Trinidad (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO) is the Valley of the Sugar Mills. And beside him Ancon Beach, the beach paradise of the south of Cuba. This option enables some activities diversify and support the sunny beach day with a stroll through the nearby valley or do some diving. This beach has over thirty points suitable for this activity along the magnificent, extensive coral reef, where lie the remains of ancient shipwrecks.
And finally, just a couple of miles from the north coast in the province of Pinar del Río is Cayo Levisa. It is a very small island, just over 2 km square, which has a beautiful beach to the north. She only accessible by boat so it is a perfect place for relaxation and privacy. This key is not as urbanized as many others, first for its size and secondly because there are no homes on it. Some small and few restaurants make this island perfect for relaxation.