1. Reservation and Payment Terms and Conditions

Customers who intend to book accommodation facilities on www.cubaevasion.com or one of the other sites of the Hispalia Network will be able to confirm the reservation by following instructions on the 'Terms and Conditions' page.

The reservation will be definitely confirmed only after sending the relative voucher to the email address of the tourist, who will have previously required it by completing the online booking procedure on www.cubaevasion.com. The confirmation voucher will specify the exact data of the guest, the total amount of the stay and the amount paid as security deposit. The balance of the total amount of the reservation must be paid within the terms specified on the 'Terms and Conditions' page of the accommodation reserved.

2. Prices and Seasons

All the prices listed on all the accommodation facilities pages on www.cubaevasion.com and on Hispalia Network's servers are directly typed by the owners of the accommodation facilities and may be listed per day or per week according to the selected property price policy. The minimum stay requirements during high and low seasons are specified on the price list of each accommodation facility. For periods straddling two different seasons, rates are computed according to the prices of the two different seasons.

3. Services and facilities

Electricity, water and final cleaning are included in the prices except if otherwise specified on the web pages of each accommodation facility. Extra services such as 'half and full board, heating or air conditioning and daily cleaning' may be extra charged on consumption. Hispalia SA thus strongly recommend customers carefully read the 'Terms and Conditions', 'Services and Facilities' and 'Seasons and Prices' pages of each accommodation facility they may be interested in, since it can not be considered responsible for any omission of services in the price list or inaccuracy in the sections above mentioned. As specified above, in fact, the owners of the accommodation facilities directly type all those data by acceding a private Control Panel.

4. Description of the Accommodation facilities

All the accommodation descriptions, edited with attention to the smallest detail, have been provided by the owners directly. It is the sole responsibility of the owner of the accommodation to publish and modify information about prices, cancellation fees and penalties, check-in and check-out policies, terms and conditions through his private Control Panel. Even if Hispalia SA takes particular care in presenting all the accommodation facilities with attention to the most detailed and accurate information, it is not able to verify and ensure that all the information on the web site have been correctly and accurately provided by the owners of the accommodations. Hispalia SA thus does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions, and the accommodation facility is entirely responsible for any wrong or inaccurate information on cuba-chez-l-habitant.fr or on Hispalia Network.

Most of the accommodations listed on cuba-chez-l-habitant.fr have been renamed with a fictional, identification code. That has been done with the express agreement of the accommodation owners, in order for Hispalia SA to guarantee the services as provided for in the contract.

5. Arrivals and Departures

Customers will check-in at the reception of the accommodation reserved unless otherwise indicated on the web pages of the accommodation, or otherwise agreed with the owner. Information about the exact location and instructions on how to arrive to the accommodation will be provided by the owner directly together with the confirmation voucher. Keys will be delivered upon arrival; customers have to bring the confirmation voucher with them in order to check-in. Customers must also provide a valid identification document, such as an identity card or passport. We strongly recommend communicating the expected arrival time well in advance, especially if outside the check-in times specified on 'Arrival and Departure Policy' pages of the accommodation reserved. Should the customer be unable to occupy the accommodation during the period reserved for transport difficulties, errors or other personal reasons, no partial refund is provided, unless otherwise specified on the web pages of the accommodation reserved.

6. Reviews

After the confirmation of the reservation and at the end of the stay, customers will receive an email for leaving a comment on the recent holiday. Customers are required not to leave false and offensive comments, otherwise Hispalia SA reserves the right to modify or refuse the above mentioned reviews.

7. Cancellation Penalties

Customers are able to cancel the reservation within the time requirements stated in the Cancellation Policy of the accommodation reserved. Cancellation fees may be applied according to the above mentioned Cancellation Policy, especially if cancellations are received a few days prior to arrival date. Hispalia SA thus strongly suggest customers carefully read the Cancellation Policy of the selected accommodation before submitting their booking, in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences.

8.Transfer of Reservation – Guest Substitution

The reservation is non transferable to any other person who is not named on the reservation. However should the guest be not able to take the vacation already booked, the reservation could be transferred to a third party (relatives or friends). A new confirmation voucher must be issued with the data of the new guest, unless otherwise specified on the Cancellation Policy of the selected accommodation. For an annual suspension of the reservation, or for any change to the dates of the reservation, we strongly recommend customers directly ask for information to the selected accommodation.

9. Hispalia SA Guarantees and Responsibilities

Hispalia SA, through Hispalia.net, acts as intermediary between customers and the owners of the accommodation facilities to provide a reservation service and is committed to guarantee an effective, efficient and quick exchange of information in the interests of both parties. Hispalia SA is committed to oversee the reservation process on behalf of the owners of the accommodations and do not charge customers reserving via the Hispalia Network web sites for the service provided. Hispalia SA is committed to provide all the necessary information to the customers who intend to make a reservation on www.cubaevasion.com and to help them find the accommodation that most suits their requirements, to help them with availability and information request submission, contact with the owner and reservation of the vacation. For any communication, complaint, or advice on the services provided by Hispalia SA, the Customer Service is available during office hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. or alternatively via email at cubachezlhabitant@gmail.com

10.Data Protection & Privacy Policy

All personal information provided to Hispalia.net is held in the strictest confidence according to the law 196/2003 and will be used by Hispalia SA for the availability and reservation requests only. All personal information will not be given or released to any unrelated third party unless required to provide the above mentioned services, and customers have the right to request cancellation of their personal information at any time.

11.Service Guarantee

With the above mentioned “Service Guarantee” Hispalia SA is committed to make the terms and conditions of the service provided explicit, in order to promote accommodation facilities in Spain that national (spanish) and international customers may book online. In the same way Hispalia SA, as well as its employees and consultants, can not be considered responsible for any damage that things, materials or persons may suffer as a result of any malfunctioning of its web site /sites or any incorrect descriptive information that may occur during the production or promotion of the web site cuba-chez-l-habitant.fr or any other site of the Hispalia Network. It can not be considered responsible as well for any problem that may arise out during the vacation which had been previously booked via cuba-chez-l-habitant.fr or any other site of the Hispalia Network. Hispalia is responsible only for any omission of the duties set out by the spanish law. The original content edited on the site is in spanish, any translation error that may be found in the languages currently published on the web site for descriptive purpose only, has no legal efficacy. The main reference text from a legal point of view is in spanish. That said and considering that Hispalia SA is committed to guarantee a complete and correct information to all users of cuba-chez-l-habitant.fr or any other site of the Hispalia Network, Hispalia SA strongly suggest any user personally make sure that the information found on cuba-chez-l-habitant.fr or any other site of the Hispalia Network are correct and accurate: the verification of the above mentioned information is the responsibility of users, and users have full liability.